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Lace Herbal Products - Laura Anderson

Lace Herbal Products  are made with organically grown and distilled herbs from the Sonoma Valley in California. We are proud to be a part of the collective of local organic farmers and the promotion of crop diversity. We also harvest flowers from private estates throughout the Valley. Our herbs are distilled locally by SonomaRoma Distillery using only pure deep well water. The fresh herbs are distilled in small batches, thereby producing the finest essential oils and hydrosols. 

Laura Anderson grew up in the agriculturally rich Sonoma Valley of Northern California and began her business in order to be able to remain close to her three daughters while creating a wholesome business to share with them as they grew. The name LACE is derived from their names: L (Laura), A (Ashley), C (Claire), E (Erika).

Growing herbs and flowers and blending oils to create scents, lotions & salves has been her passion since studying and practicing aromatherapy. Laura’s products are truly made with love. 

"Plants give their essence and life force to heal our body and soothe the mind. Making my products in small batches with the highest quality ingredients and picking the herbs when at their peak are all part of the joy I have in creating my products".
Laura Anderson

For over 20 years, Laura has been practicing massage therapy. With ongoing classes and experience, Laura’s talents in the healing arts make her a sought after practitioner. Check out her Massage Page