Lavender Hydrosol

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Hydrosols contain the waters produced from the distillation process of herbs. They contain water-soluble parts of the plant material along with micro-molecules of essential oils. They can be used directly on the skin as a beautiful, aromatic mist. Hydrosols can be used daily: As a toner after washing the face, before applying makeup, and throughout the day as a freshener providing a pleasant sense of well being. Lightly spritzing your pillow at night will aid a gentle sleep.

Lavender: The soothing, antibacterial qualities of pure, natural lavender make this hydrosol perfect for traveling: Spritz on the airplane, or in a hotel room (on bed linens and pillows) to evoke the scent of sun-washed lavender fields. Also soothes sunburn and calms headaches. The subtlety of the scent makes it a favorite with our male customers.

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